Green Map Impacts

'Green Map Impacts’ is our book of locally written stories about the dynamic projects and their impacts, including why and how they matter.

Seven newer stories are featured at the top of this page, followed by the original set of stories which was first published in English and Japanese in 2009 in partnership with Aichi Green Map and Green Map Japan.

The new stories feature new tools and approaches – enjoy them all, story by story or download the complete book (15 MB PDF in English or in Japanese (original version)!

Special thanks to all the authors, photographers and partners who contributed to the book project; Emily Saltz for initiating the update, Eugenie Flynn and Wendy Brawer for editing, Aaron Reiss for design, WonSun Choi for translation, and Bernice Keshet and Aruna Reddig for their work on this page.

And now, the new Stories:

Making Green Maps all over Guangzhou
This Green Mapping project helps youth in the city of Guangzhou China to rediscover the cultural heritage of their city through mapping projects, multimedia and games that trace its historical past.
Map Yeah! Studio | Author: 方婉莹 (Cherry)
Download this Guangzhou Story here

Mapping with the Academic Community in Curitiba
Striving to create a sustainable blueprint for the future of Curitiba, Brazil, this Green Map project involves university students in creating maps, icons and workshops, educating the next generation of sustainability professionals in this community.
Federal University of Parana | Authors: Rafael Alexandre dos Reis & Maria do Carmo Duarte Freitas
Download this Curitiba Story here.

Discover. Enjoy. Learn. Take Action.
Impacting communities all over Baltimore USA, this Green Map project has produced various maps, school projects and educational tools - even a Kickstart-funded Passport to the city’s largest park, highlighting the beautiful natural environment.
Baltimore Green Map | Author: Janet Felsten
Download this Baltimore Story here.

Cape Town: Green by Design
Cape Town has truly become a city that stands in the forefront in the field of environmental design. Creating the first Green Map to go live in Africa, this project mobilizes residents, local government and tourists towards a more sustainable future.
Cape Town Green Map | Author: Arne Purves & Philip Todres
Download this Cape Town Story here.

Maps From Lakes to Mountains
Using mapmaking as a powerful educational tool, students around Geneva Switzerland are taking leadership roles in sustainable community development. This project has inspired numerous other maps, community activities and continuous educational development.
Earth Focus | Author: Nicola Spafford Furey
Download this Geneva Story here.

Open the Map, Hold the Earth
With the help of local government, students and community members, the Gyeonggi-do Green Map project has produced the first Korean Green Map, as well as a variety of educational tools and frameworks, all focused on climate change and promotion of a sustainable life style in the province of Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
Gyeonggi-do Agenda 21 | Author: 박윤경 (YoonKyoung, Park) 
Download this Gyeounggi Story here.

Welcome to Iceland! Get to know us in a sustainable way! 
Initiated in 2008 by the eco-conscious network, the Iceland Green Map project is the first one to map an entire country! Available both online and as a print map and translated into five languages, the award-winning Iceland Green Map is a rich source of eco-information serving both locals and visitors. Although this story is not yet in the book, we are delighted to share it with you. | Authors: Chiara Ferrari Melillo & Guðrún Arndís Tryggvadóttir 
Download this Iceland Story here.

Here are the original 2009 Stories:

Compost Map of Manhattan
This recyclable and wind-power produced map tells the story of composting in Manhattan, helping residents who always wanted to compost and didn’t know how. With 30,000 copies distributed, this map has made a change in the way New Yorkers think about composting!
Green Map System | Author: Green Map System
Download this NYC Compost Story here.

Protecting Tideland from Landfill Development
The Rokujogata Tideland Green Map project was established in order to research and protect the coast of Aichi in the face of continuous development. As a result of the group’s efforts, the development projects were stopped and new species was discovered, too!
Ise Mikawa Bay Area Network | Author: Yoshie Usami
Download this Rokujugata Story here.

Finding Harmony in the City where the Contemporary and Classic Live Together
Working in community-based workshops, the Kamakura Green Map team found a new and creative way to map the charm of their historic city. Dividing the city into four different eras and using original and locally designed icons, this map is able to highlight the city’s most special and unknown sites.
Green Map Kamakura | Author: Shinsuke Shimao, Kamakura Green Map
Download this Kamakura Story here.

Our Common Ground – Green Map Story and Community Impacts
This socially-inclusive project, involving activists, researches, students and community members from various fields of study, has generated a myriad of other maps, tools and even a book, celebrating the native names and heritage in Victoria, Canada.
University of Victoria Geography Department and the Office of CommunityBased Research | Author: Maeve Lydon, Common Ground
Download this Victoria Story here.

A Hopeful Environmental Education Resource for Public Schools
Looking at sustainability from the point of view of concerned youth in Colombia, this project has allowed high school students in Pereira to engage their community in planning a more sustainable future for their town, creating an empowering model for student involvement in sustainable community development.
Fundación Geovida | Author: Carlos Martinez, Green Map System
Download this Pereira Story here.

Promoting Bicycling with a Tech-savvy Green Map
Aiming to raise awareness among Tokyo residents to the environmental toll of excessive weekend driving, this climate-focus project presents an attractive alternative, as it highlights cycling routs, sites, shops and information, making cycling in the city and around it accessible, safe and easy.
Urban Ecology Tokyo, Tama Art University | Author: Masahiro Horiuchi, Urban Ecology Tokyo
Download this Tokyo Story here.

Stop Global Warming Initiatives
Using Green Mapping as a powerful educational tool to reduce energy consumption and raise awareness about climate change, this project has effected significant change in Thailand, working with school children throughout the country to identify and assess environmental hazards and resources.
Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) | Author: Nongpal Chancharoen
Download the Thailand here.

Charting Change in the Workplace and Impacting 60,000
The first company in the world to adopt Green Map System as a tool for improving efficiency and environmental awareness in all its facilities, Delta Electronics Inc. was able to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions and promote employee well-being in an across the board mapping project.
Delta Electronics | Author: Vincent Chen, Delta Electronic Foundation
Download the Delta Electronics Story here.

“Expo Money” and “2R”: Advancing the Green Consumer with Two Green Maps
This innovative mapping project, focused on green economy, set to create a map of the lively Osu shopping district in Aichi, Japan. This fashionable map highlights businesses, which apply green methods of production and packaging, as well as strengthens the use of a green activities reward system.
Osu Eco Map Project Team (Green Consumer of Nagoya, Green Map Aichi, Osu Business Association) | Author: Keiko Nakagawa, Green Map Aichi
Download the Expo Money and 2R Story here.

Preserving Traditional Cultural Assets

Green Map Mandala Borobudur aims to explore the relationship between the largest Buddhist temple in the world and its living environment , contributing a record of the area’s natural and cultural diversity.
Peta Hijau – Green Map Indonesia | Author: Elanto Wiojyono, Green Map Indonesia
Download the Borobudur story here.

Wetland Restoration in Taipei County
In 2004 SOW (Society of Wilderness, Taiwan) adopted the wetland along the TanShui River and carried out ecology restoration, education, research and investigation. For Earth Day 2007, 10,000 copies of the TanShui River Corridor Green Map were published.
Society of Wilderness, Taiwan
Download the Tanshui River Story here.

Santa Monica and the Ballona Watershed Green Map
The Santa Monica and Ballona Watershed Green Map was made by a local architect to help residents and visitors visualize the breadth and diversity of the local environment.
Duvivier Architects | Author: Isabelle Duvivier
Download the Santa Monica and Ballona Watershed Story here.

Senior Views Unite Community
Maioka Kashio Nuring Home implemented a Green Mapmaking proect with the experiences of seniors as its main focus. The map includes information on seasonal nature and social resources as well as nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and other helpful services.
Green Map Yokohama | Author: Rie Nakamura
Download this Maika Kashaio Story here.

The Walkable Community: City Planning Through Green Map
This Green Map shows theme walks specific to one’s interests, like nature, history, welfare, traffic, scenic and lifestyle. This data was gathered by residents, who not only created a tour guide but also discovered problems in the area, which the city was able to solve.
Green Map Owariasahi | Author: Yoshie Usami, Hiromi Wakasugi
Download this Owariasahi  Story here.

Rediscovering the Human-Scale in Yokohama
This bicycle map features articles about the area’s environment, culture and tourism. Green Map Yokohama and NICE Yokohama also helped initiating the annual Car-Free Day, a world wide celebration on the 22th of September.
Green Map Yokohama, NICE Yokohama, YC Document | Author: Ann Aoki, Takahashi Akira
Download this Yokohama Story here.

Reusables Categorized and Mapped
The “dear green place” in Gaelic, known as Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is far from being sustainable. This Green Map features over 100 charity shops, community enterprises and grassroots environmental organizations, who provide reuse opportunities.
Radius Glasgow | Author: Glasgow Green Map team
Download this Glasgow Story here.

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