Why Green Map?

Think global, map local

Communities worldwide are making Green Maps to create a more sustainable future.

Green Map tools, including the Green Map Platform, have been designed to help communities collaborate, create, and publish powerful maps that support people in taking action on climate change, sustainability, and well-being.

Our Platform is simple, flexible, and customisable. Built with community engagement in mind by the GISCollective for Green Map System, this Platform makes it easy to set up a team, create a map and invite your community to contribute to the Green Map-making process.

You can add sites, routes, and areas to your Green Map, upload photos, descriptions, videos, and sound, and use globally recognised Green Map icons to categorise community assets and resources. You can add icon sets, too! 

Already published in 65 countries, Green Mapmakers often create multiple editions to reach different audiences on the Platform, on paper and in other formats. Your Green Map can be entirely offline if you prefer! Each locally-led project has a unique process.   

Affordable and adaptable

Our standard mapping tools are free for grassroots projects. Our tools include the Green Map icons, access to the Green Map Platform and learning resources.

You can work with us to adapt the tools for more extensive, complex, or grant-funded projects.

Green Map helps you build and engage communities

Making a Green Map is a powerful way to engage people of all ages, and all backgrounds, in your cause


You decide! Invite people to join your map-making team and help locate, categorise, and share green resources such as recycling points, community gardens, green energy sites, biodiversity spots, bike routes, and social enterprises using the Green Map icons. You have the option to add your own icon set, too.


Our intuitive tools help users learn new digital map-making skills, understand different types of green resources and challenges, and exchange ideas about what sustainable development means in your community.


Set up a map-making team and use features like our survey tool to crowdsource data from your community.


People can really make a difference. Making a Green Map and using Green Map icons helps to bring urgent global environmental problems down to the local level, where they can be more easily grasped and changed.

Green Map icons

Our icons help with almost any mapping challenge.

Tried and tested

Green Map icons have been co-designed by a global community of map makers who have worked with Green Map System since 1995 to develop this visual language. To extend your map to cover unique local features, local icons can be included on your printed Green Maps and this Platform.

Linked to the Sustainable Development Goals

The Green Map icons cover many topics, from nature and biodiversity to food and sustainable transport. They are linked to the UN’s sustainable development goals, helping people to translate complex community knowledge into a visual global language.

Our icons have categories and definitions that help you bring all sorts of places to light.


Our icons make green issues easy for everyone to explore, regardless of language and cultural orientation


Using icons helps communities understand different types of green resources and challenges

Discover patterns

It makes patterns of more sustainable development and resource inequalities between different areas easier to recognize.

Highlight important assets

Identify, promote, and link a diverse array of sustainability sites and special places

Flag challenges to community well-being
Inspire others

Using icons helps successful initiatives spread to new communities

Collaboratively designed

Work in teams with members of your community to create your Green Map.

Bring maps to life

Exchange ideas about what sustainable development means in your community


Use our universal sets or create and customise your own


We’re not like other mapping platforms; we’re built with collaboration, communities, and positive action on climate change in mind.

Our mapping tools are free for everyone, with additional support and custom development available from our team for projects with grant funding or complex needs.


Quick to get started, and easy to customise your maps, data, and branding.


Our mapping tools are free for everyone, with bespoke support available from our team.

Easy to use

Add all kinds of data with ease; points, lines, polygons, text, numbers, photos, geodata, and more.

Green Map icons that match your goals

With globally-recognised icon sets, it’s easy to tag and categorise the places you add.

Built for collaboration

Create a team, engage communities, map your area together, and build a project website with our drag-and-drop tools.

Understand your impact

Use our analytics tools to measure participation and assess your impact.

Own your data

We believe in ethical mapping. Unlike other platforms, the data you create is yours to keep, and you own what you create.

Works for offline projects too!

Not connected to the internet? Want to engage face-to-face? Or convert your maps into leaflets and signage? No problem. Green Map can be used for offline projects too!

Tools & Features

Map set-up
Quickstart guide
Create unlimited maps and data points
Privacy controls (create public or private maps)
Use OSM basemaps
Customise or integrate your own basemaps and layers*
3rd party integrations (QGIS, Google Drive, Air Table)*
Collecting data
Add sites (points), routes (lines), and areas (polygons)
Upload photos, text, and more
Custom survey fields to collect information
Bulk import existing data (csv, geojson, gpx and more)
Using Green Map icons
Use Green Map icons to bring your maps to life
Import your own icons
Request bespoke icons from our design team^
Community management
Create teams and assign roles
Allow anonymous contributors or require sign-in
Review, edit, and approve new entries
Team discussion tool for new entries
Newsletter tool to share updates*
Website and branding
Create a ‘space’ to host your mapping project with our simple drag-and-drop tools
Add your own logo and branding
Customise your sub-domain (e.g., projectname.greenmap.org)
Request domain configuration (e.g., projectname.org)*^
Request extra custom branding*^
Sharing your maps
Export your data (csv, geojson, gpx and more)
Embed your map on any website
Print your map with our ready-to-share leaflet, flyer, and posters templates*
Request custom exports*
Website Analytics*
Team demographics*
Project engagement*
Newsletter open rates*
Support and Training
Global meet-ups and webinars
Dedicated support from our team*^
Set up and training*^
Custom development
Request new features*^
Deploy and customise mobile apps*^

*available with a paid Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan

^available with add-on Training, Support, or Custom packages

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